How can I meet up with Robbie?

Organizing Robbie’s transcon from the captain’s seat involves wearing so many hats! One of the truly lovely things about it though is the countless interactions I have had with SO many encouraging and supportive people. It has been overwhelmingly incredible to interact with so many strangers who are moved by Robbie’s run and mission. From athletes, to vegans, to local fans - so many different types of people are interested in driving out to find Robbie and meet up with him! Maybe this is YOU!

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Robbie, the crew, and I all dove into this gigantic undertaking with a pretty solid plan, but also with the strong understanding that things would likely need tweaking and adjusting since we were all headed into uncharted territory.

One of the more challenging components of planning and executing a transcontinental run is that there is no prescribed route! We researched different routes and landed on a ~3,200 mile route from Los Angeles to New York. We were able to adapt Robbie’s route from a route previously established in 2011 from a footrace with all the stages well researched & mapped out. Lucky for us!

Robbie began his transcontinental run in California following the stages from the footrace start to finish, which left him with some short days as well as some very long days (ranging from 30-60 miles). This dramatic oscillation in daily mileage with many days in the 50 mile range made it challenging to find a good groove and routine. It was also too difficult to recover from a 50+ mile day and be ready for the next day. We needed to make this run fit Robbie, so we made some tweaks and found the 45 mile sweet spot.

With a very small buffer for rest days, we settled on having Robbie run about 45 miles each day while still taking into consideration weather or how he might be feeling in extreme cases. This was pretty easy to manage in the more desolate part of the country (northern New Mexico and Oklahoma), but now Robbie is entering more populated areas and more people want to come out and join him! This is AWESOME for morale but has proven challenging when trying to explain “how do I meet up with Robbie?”  

The answer is both simple and complicated:

  1. Check the GPS tracker for where he started and finished his day.

  2. Look on Strava for the map close to where you want to meet up.

  3. Do some math (use the other Strava maps and the knowledge from the GPS tracker and figure out 45 miles each day…).

  4. Do some more math (Robbie’s pace is usually between 11:00 min/mi and 13 min/mi plus some time for breaks every 5 miles) to figure out what time to meet him.

  5. On the day of, check the GPS tracker again to see what time he got started that morning (sometime between 6:00 am and 7:30 am usually).

  6. Drive backwards on the route until you see him or the blue NadaMoo! and Switch4Good van pulling a camper.

*Optional: DM me on Instagram: @veganathleteatx for clarification of route/timing and I’ll try to help

**Keep reading to learn all of the quirks and workarounds to our method! For real though.

How Do I Find Robbie’s Route?

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Strava Maps:

Robbie is running approximately 45 miles each day. However, his stages are not broken into beautiful 45 mile segments (because we didn’t know this ahead of time and it took my dad, route captain extraordinaire, days to map out each stage from the footrace on Strava). That being said, Robbie is usually straddling two stages; he starts off his day completing X amount of miles from one stage and then runs Y amount of miles from the following stage = 45 miles.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.29.54 PM.png

The maps/stages on Strava are housed in the Strava Club as “events”. HOWEVER, the event times and dates are NOT to be trusted. I wish it was as simple as Robbie running 1 stage start to finish on a certain day and a certain time, however, he is a human, not a robot.

Since he is running segments of several stages in 1 day, we had to make the “event” date a few days after Robbie would be finished with the maps. We discovered this the hard way, but the Strava “events” disappear into outer space the day after the “event” was set to occur. If Robbie fell behind or needed to use one of his rest days we would lose his maps.

So, our workaround in Strava is to have the “events” set to be a few days after we are sure Robbie will have completed that segment of the route. I know this is not ideal and for Type A planners like myself it makes me a little crazy, but this is the nature of the beast! Hang in there!

What is Strava?

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Strava is an app/website for athletes to upload their runs, rides or workouts to a social platform. You have to be a member in order to find Robbie’s maps (yes - it’s FREE!) and either download the app or use it from your computer browser.

Where are the maps on Strava?

Once you are a Strava member, you can join Robbie’s Strava Club called: “Plant Powered Mission.” The club houses all the “events” (the individual stages/maps for Robbie’s run) and you can RSVP to certain stages if you want. It is easier to later find the map/stage you are interested in if you are “going” to the event.

**Please remember that the dates/times for the runs are NOT CORRECT on Strava and are off by a few days. You need to check the GPS tracker and do some math (or look at the plan below).**


We are doing everything in our power to “keep 75 alive” and make sure Robbie gets to NYC in 75 days! This means that his FINAL run will be on Wednesday, May 29! Stay tuned for more info regarding this grand finale day!

Robbie’s Updated Itinerary **ROUGH**

This is a small portion of the spreadsheet being used to plan and organize all things related to  Robbie’s run. Please keep in mind that it will likely CHANGE. Hopefully not more than a few miles here and there, but this is the rough plan. I only included through Ohio because I know we will have minor changes between now and then that will have a domino effect on the entire work of art you see below you.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.30.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 3.30.21 PM.png

Thank you SO much to those who have reached out and are interested in joining Robbie on the go or have offered up your home for mailing supplies, doing laundry, or to park the camper and take a shower! Robbie loves to meet locals and share some miles and stories with the people along the way. It helps tremendously with morale and means so much to him that people want to support him.

Now that I’ve given you all these tools, please digest them as best you can and play around with some numbers. I’m quite aware that for the digital wizzes, finding Robbie might be a little easier than for others. I’m MORE than happy to help you find Robbie if you’re still having trouble figuring it out.

Please feel free to reach out to me via Instagram: @veganathleteatx

Jackie Howard